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Collection areas: Swizerland, worldwide, Historic plates, New York and US Tribal plates

Günters Webseite
Collection areas: Germany, signs with wheelchair emblem and Plate all over the world

Collection areas: Plate from around the world, especially German Plate before 1956, plates of diplomats and military plates

Collection areas: all license plates of Germany and the military in Europe

Collection areas: Plates from around the world and australia with #107

Collection areas: diplomatic and consular Plate worldwide

Collection areas: diplomats, consulates, United Nations and worldwide missions

Collection areas: Mainly Europe and the one or other piece of other continents. Furthermore, from Germany special and authorities of indicator, especially police, THW and other "blue-light public authorities".
Than particularity nor international signs, which have the (separately standing) combinations of letters "SI" and "SCD" ("SI" for my so called "wrong home collection" and "SCD" is an abbreviation used by me.)

Collection area: plate with 222 from around the world

Collection areas: Germany: all abbreviations in DIN and euro; authority marks; meaning an wordcombinations; sealed export and short-term marks; Bulgaria: all districts in all styles; Croatia: all districts; Slovenia: all voats of arms; international: signs with beautiful coats of arms, flags, seals and graphics

Collection areas: all the plates of Germany and pieces of evidence from around the world for Museum Exhibitions

Collection areas: License Plate with "112," worldwide

Collection areas: Germany, Europe (specimen copies)

Collection areas: Denmark, Germany

Collection areas: German public authorities signs, (Southern) Africa

Collection areas: Germany (after 1956), Bulgaria, France (old and new), Ireland, Austria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in each case by district; Slovenia to municipal arms; specimen copies from European countries.

Collection areas: CH, A, FL, I, RSM and Police

Collection areas: USA: Washington DC, U.S. Government and diplomats, including the United Nations. ITALY: Genova (GE), special signs, old provinces (before 1994 - white / orange on black). GERMANY: Dinslaken (DIN 1956-1974) and war-occupation or BR R 250-259 and DUS 460000-469999. OTHER: signs with the letters LC and SLC. Signs of 1972 from around the world.

Collection areas: only Germany, sought occupation period and outgoing plates from 1956.

Collection areas: Plates from 1964, USA Pennsylvania, Sweden (especially pre 1973),  Germany (all different ‘kreise’), France (black departments)

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