There is an endless amount of books about license plates available but most of them are only designed for simple amusement to make long motorway journeys more enjoyable for kids. The books mentioned on this page go far beyond the knowledge of the general motorist. Especially historical backgrounds and comparison lists can be found here. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.
Note: These are recommendations only. We do not sell these books.

A Century Of Plates / Un secolo di targhe
A history of italian license plates /La storia delle targhe automobilistiche italiane
Marcello Gallina
€ 24,00

Historia Polskich Tablic Rejestracyjnych
Edition 2007, Author Jacek Jaruga
ISBN 978-83-925610-0-2
PLZ 70,00 / € 20,00
Registrations Plates Of The World
4. Edition, Europlate 2004
Neil Parker, John Weeks
ISBN : 0 9502735 6 2 (softback): £ 19,95 / € 29,95
ISBN: 0 9502735 7 0 (hardback): £ 25,95 / € 37,95

License Plate Of The United States
James K. Fox
ISBN 1-886777-00-4
$ 34,95

Die Geschichte der Deutschen KFZ-Kennzeichen
The history of the German License Plate
4. Edition, Publisher Andreas Herzfeld
German Society for flags 2010
ISBN 978-8873883-38-8
€ 49,95

A History Of Motor Vehicle / Registration In The United Kingdom
L.H. Newall
Revised Edition 2001
3. Edition 2008
ISBN: 978-1872686325
£ 16,95 / € 21,00

Auf Spionage Tour
Einsätze, Fahrzeuge und Nummernschilder der Alliierten Militärverbindungsmissionen in der DDR 1946-1990
In espionage Tour
Missions, vehicles and license plates of the Allied Military Liaison Missions in the GDR 1946-1990

276 Seiten, davon 73 Seiten farbig
über 280 Fotos und Abbildungen
276 pages, 73 pages in color
over 280 photographs and illustrations

1. Edition 2011
ISBN 978-3-8423-6053-2
€ 26,90

License Plates Of The Vatican City State
Marcello Gallina, Carlo Bellini
ISBN 978-8873883-38-8 (englisch)
ISBN 978-8873883-20-3 (italienisch)
€ 18,00, (zuzüglich Versand!)

information about:

There is both an English as well as an Italian edition of the book. Please note when ordering.

Poznávací Znacky -
v Cechách, na Morave a ve Slezsku

Filip Zelený, Dalibor Feuereisl

ISBN: 978-80-904767-2-1
€ 25,00 (499 Kc)

Militärische Abkürzungen an Kraftfahrzeugen im 1. Weltkrieg - Ein Wörterbuch
Military abbreviations on motor vehicles in World War I - A dictionary
Hrsg. Andreas Herzfeld
Beiträge zur deutschen Automilgeschichte, Band 7
Contributions to the german automotive history, Volume 7
ISBN-13: 978-3-935131-18-6 (144 Seiten)
€ 24,99


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