Here are some links to interesting websites about license plates and other collector clubs:

Number plate museum (D, Saxony)
The first established museum about traffic history in Germany. The main focus are license plates from all around the world, from the beginning of vehicle registration around 1900 to modern times with a huge variety of background information.

Europlate (EU)
Collectors Club based in England. The website provides members with extensive information about license plates from all over the world. Quarterly a member magazine appears that you can order as PDF.

Francoplaque (F)
The French license plate club. This website has an amazing photo gallery with more than 100,000 photos of marks worldwide.

De Nummerplaat (NL)
The Dutch Mark Club website. The club was founded in 1983 and sees itself as a group of enthusiastic like-minded people.
Four times a year a club magazine appears. There are also 4 meetings a year.

De Taksplaat - La Plaque de Taxe (B)
Belgian license plate collector club. Unfortunately no website available at this point.
Contact via Dirk.Muyldermans(a)

The Italian license plate club website contains a short introduction of the club, as well as numerous book recommendations and a comprehensive member area. Exclusively in Italian.

Website of Polish colleagues with many photos and information. But only in Polish.

License plates collector club of Australia. The website provides information about the club, its history, license plate facts and membership information. Likewise a photo gallery and articles about Australian license plates and much more.

ALPCA - Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (USA)
US Collectors Club. The largest in the world with about 2800 members. The Americans also have numerous events each year and have a separate membership area.

last updated : 06.11.2017

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