There is an incredible amount of interesting collecting hobbies out there but likely to be one of the most outstanding ones is probably the collecting of vehicle registration plates. A hobby that you can't just compare to stamp collecting as it is a lot more difficult to obtain such plates which are also visible proof of official motor vehicle registration.

Commonly refered to as license plates, number plates or also just plates are issued and made individually by every single country in the world. They come in various different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. Usually made of metal or plastic but also of wood, glass or even leather. And of course the well known colourful graphic plates of the USA which not only make a great adornment for bars but will also brighten up your dull basement room or garage.

Now you might ask: Firstly, what could I do to become a member of our club and secondly how to obtain my first license plates to start my own collection? The answer to the second question lays in the first. Once you became a member of the Automobile Registration Plate Collectors Club (AKS) you will be amazed at how quickly you will get in contact with like-minded collector friends and how quickly you get your first collectible plates!

Our club offers all interested parties a home, we meet several times a year and have a quarterly club magazine, which provides the latest information and all the facts about the club, upcoming meetings, and much more to our members.

last updated : 29.12.2014

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