The AKS-DVD has been given to many participants already. Other members are welcome to order it from our member Lutz Heidenreich beziehen. We have receive solely positive feedback about this project, many thanks for that!
Since Lutz discovered that the currenly avaiable documents are not completes, he encourages all members to check their AKS records to be able to complete the DVD.
Get in contact with him if you notice any faults in the documents or the system. Thank you very much!

Contact: aks-dvd(ä)gmx.de

This file list all currently available themed documents as well as missing pages
Date July 25th, 2010 (DVD V1.0)
AKS-DVD-fehlende Seiten.pdf
A currently list about the DVD (V1.1) is being prepared

Current: V1.1
Date: March 10th, 2011

Currently available update is V1.1 with an addition of approximately 960 MB in PDF files. The distribution of the update goes via Dropbox, Skype or postage as another DVD and is only available to AKS members. Update requirement is V1.0



Copy the DVD into a folder on your hard drive, this provides a quicker and more comfortable working process. A manual is included on the DVD.
New Depesche magazines can be included to the DVD. Rename the file into the format JAHR_MONAT.PDF (so 2011_01.pdf for the first issue of 2011). You must copy the DVD to a hard or portable drive to be able to do this.
In the „cover“ folder of the DVD you will find a printable cover for a CD or DVD case so that the DVD can be placed into an appropriate case.

last updated : 01.06.2014

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