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The AKS was founded in 1979 by a small group of license plate collectors who figured that it would be much easier to obtain a larger collector by uniting in a group to do so by trade or other occasions. Our 3-4 times a year issued full colour printed club magazine „Depesche“ offers free trade, sale and query ads, informs about everything license plate related around the world and provides useful information about the hobby itself. Our members organise license plate swap meetings thoughout the year, our anual general assemblying is organized by our first chairman in October of each year. All meetings and other occasions are advertised in the Depesche magazine and every member is invited to participate and also organise a meet himself. Our swap meetings are the best and easiest possibility to obtain plates for your own collection from every part of the world due to the internationality of our members! The Automobile Registration Plate Collectors Club united members from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Australia and the USA.

How to become a member?
You print and fill in the membership application form and send it to the address mentioned below. The application form can be found in the Download section, provided as PDF file. Don't forget to include your telephone number and Email adress for quick communication as we will send you futher information about your membership thereafter.

Membership fee
The current membership fee is stated in our current association article. All domestic members must participate in our automatic debit transfer system. The fee for the current year will be withdrawn in January, cancelations should therefor be made to our treasurer before December, 31st. For our foreign members we maintain a bank account to which the membership fee for the current year should be transferred until January, 15th. Membership application forms, administration and issuance of membership numbers incumbent the AKS. The reissuance of old membership numbers is strictly prohibited.

AKS Managing Board

Club meetings
Several swap meetings take place throughout the year which will be published in the AKS-Depesche and here at this website. The general assembly date is set for the first Saturday in October of each year.

All drafts and photos submitted by AKS members and staff are obliged by a strict copyright, they may only be published with permission and reference by and to its bearer. Inobervance and commercial useage may lead to exclusion from the the AKS if such has caused disprofit to the AKS and/or its members. Exemption arrangements exist between the AKS and other collector clubs.

If you have any question regarding organisational purposes, please contatct:

Articles of Association

Name and purpose of the club
The AKS-Club Germany is an unregistered association sharing the interesting in collecting vehicle registration plates, documents, etc.

Club members

The members of the AKS-Club Germany are license plate collectors who have been affiliated upon their membership application. All members are published in the AKS-Depesche or can be enquired from the editorial staff.

Membership fee

The anual membership fee is to be payed by automatic debit transfer at the beginning of the year. For foreign members a bank account is provided, the membership fee for the following year must be transferred until December 31st.
Each member received a copy of the AKS-Depesche magazine which is issued every three months.

Regular membership
• Resident of Germany €25,00 EUR
• Resident of other countries €30,00 EUR

Members aged 15 years and below
Consent form required by a parent or legal guardian.

• without subscription of the Depesche magazine – no fees
• Resident of Germany and subscriber of the Depesche magazine €12,50 EUR
• Resident of other countries and subscriber of the Depesche magazine €15,00 EUR

Insitutions of the club

The general assembly of the AKS Club Germany voted
• a) the 1st Chairman:

• b) the 2nd Chairman:

• c) the Treasurer:

• d) the Editor:

• e) the Cash Audit

Authorization to represent

The association is represented individually by the first and second chairpersons.

Privacy policy in the club

1) In order to fulfill the purposes and tasks of the association, personal data relating to the personal and factual circumstances of the members are processed in compinance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).
2) As far as the conditions described in the respective regulations are met, each club member has in the particular following rights:
- the right of information under Article 15 of the DS-GVO
- the right to a correction under Article 16 of the DS-GVO
- the right of cancellation under Article 17 of the DS-GVO
- the right to linit processing under Article 18 of the DS-GVO
- the right to data portability under Article 20 of the DS-GVO and
- the right of objection under Article 21 of the DS-GVO.
3) The organs of the association, all empolyees or other persons working for the association are prohibited from processing, disclosing, disclosing or otherwise using personal data unauthorized for purposes other than the fulfillment of the respective task. This obligation also exists beyond the departure of the aforementioned perons from the association.

Membership cancelation / Exclusion from club

The membership ends by cancelation which must be submitted to the 2nd chairman, treasurer and editor of the Depesche until 31st December of the current year.
All members are commited to obey the following rules:
• do not sell, trade or present stolen license plates
• do not fake or restore license plates in order to archieve higher value trades
• do not sell, trade or present faked or restored plates without without informing the associated party
do not mount plates from vehicles and always ask for permission before doing so on a scrap yard.
Failure in obeyance of these rules will lead to exclusion from the club.
Furthermore the membership will be canceled upon failure to discharge the anual fee, may it be due to the objection of the bank account holder or the lack of account coverage.

Assemblys / Swap meetings

Several swap meetings take place throughout the year which will be published in the AKS-Depesche. The general assembly date is set for the first Saturday in October of each year.


Membership applications or cancelations are to be submitted to the 2nd Chairman of the AKS. Contributions to be published in the AKS-Depesche should be send to the editor before closing date of each current magazine issue.
The previous assosiation article is free of authorisation and has been declared by the general assembly on October 4th, 2003 in Bad Camberg.

Bad Camberg, October 4th, 2003
modified October 7th, 2006
modified May 18th, 2018

Detlev Riemann, 1st Chairman

last updated : 18.05.2018

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